Piotr Szyhalski (Labor Camp): Field Notes

  • Airborne leaflet propaganda + Gulf War Leaflets: psychological warfare tactic that Piotr has implemented a few times in his public performances and works.
  • Ding an sich: one of Piotr’s earliest Internet installations. Though largely reliant on now-unsupported plugins, this is a remarkable relic from 1997.
  • T(his) Story Has No End (Or, We Work All The Time) + LaborCamp Credo: (1) 2008 article that unpacks the implications and philosophies of Piotr’s work. (2) Statement that contains clarifying quote: “The forms developed in the process of artistic production do acquire an assessable value, but only inasmuch as they are the evidence of labor undertaken to construct them. The Labor itself is the only unchanging criterion of cultural merit.”
  • A distilled look at one of LaborCamp’s nine-hour participatory events from 2013:

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