Piotr Szyhalski (Labor Camp)

My guest for this episode is Piotr Szyhalski, a Polish-born artist who creates multimedia works under the name Labor Camp. His early pieces, large-scale Internet installations which defy the constraints of late 90’s technology, captured the attention of the New York Times, MTV, and the National Endowment of the Arts. Soon after, he began composing music with Max/MSP and modular synths, eventually merging his talents for both visual and aural art to create immersive performance environments. Piotr is also a Visual Arts professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where he collaborates with students past and present — most notably, Pramila Vasudevan’s multidisciplinary group Anicca Arts.

archive | www.laborcamp.org
instagram | instagram.com/laborcamp
facebook | www.facebook.com/labor.camp

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Angela Guyton

This episode features the brilliant and buoyant Angela Guyton, whose recent work explores the intersection of sound, light and self. Through the use of biofeedback and Max patches, Angela uses her body and breathing to generate and manipulate visually arresting color sequences. Her website, www.angelaguyton.com, showcases her depth of thought and command of curiosity as a writer while housing the majority of her art.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Angela has a long list of collaborators — her longest, perhaps, with her parter Rodrigo Constanzo.

Learn more about Angie’s work:

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