Ezra Buchla

Ezra Buchla is from California. He has played in bands.

While not inaccurate, Ezra’s official bio belies the depth of his work. From his most well-known bands (Mae Shi and Gowns) to the backlog of live performances and sketches on his rarely updated website, Ezra has an uncanny ability to break your fucking heart in less than 45 seconds. No matter the instrument — viola, oscillators, a laptop or his own voice —  he finds ways to blend his classical training with an agility in software programming to stunning effect.

Over the course of this episode Ezra reflects on composition and the function of scores, the relationship between humans and their instruments, the haute couture of music tech, his intentions for the Aleph, and handling other people’s relationships with his father (artist and inventor Don Buchla, 1937 – 2016) while planning the Don Buchla Memorial Concerts.

Featuring selections from:

two songs (live at the smell)

Mae Shi — Testify

Gowns — Lie Down

Claire Cronin — Sister and Devil

live at SPACES 2/15/2011 A + B





Gowns — Cherylee

no mention


Nick Sanborn (Made of Oak // Sylvan Esso)

This episode features the inimitable and joyful Nick Sanborn. Nick produces solo electroacoustic works under Made of Oak and is one half of Sylvan Esso. He also has spent extensive time touring with Chris Roseneau and is a member of the trio Cedar AV.

The works featured are from many of Nick’s projects, including a remix for Cedar AV member Erik (He Can Jog).

Explore and support Nick’s music:

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Sean Hellfritsch (Cool Maritime)

This episode celebrates monome’s 10 year anniversary by exploring the work of Sean Hellfritsch (seanhellfritsch.com). Sean is an accomplished musician and filmmaker (encyclopediapictura.com), having recently released ‘Some Sort of Wave Portal’ on Leaving Records as Cool Maritime. He is as warm as the California sun.

Much of the featured music is from Sean’s 2012 self-released ‘Tea Time Travel’.

Lovingly crafted tapes of both works can be purchased here:

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